MARS by appsofting
Monitoring Acquiring Reporting System

Have you ever had problems with transparent visualization of network devices? Wouldn't it be easier if you and your team could see the problems in a transparent way and react on your own, without the need for expensive specialist services. Especially for such cases, easily configured software for quick diagnostics of network-based devices was prepared. The program can be operated by both experienced users and people who do not have a strong knowledge of IT.

Universality allows you to create your own maps based on drawings and photos on which the network elements are visualized to their state. In order to facilitate problem analysis, all events are logged to simple interpretation of .csv files or they can also be send to the Elasticsearch database and then visualized with the help of Kibana. The program operation is predictable and safe for monitored devices and networks, because only user-defined network traffic is triggered.

  • ideal for small and medium business
  • flexible configuration without additional components
  • fully configurable layouts with your own graphics and descriptions
  • great reporting and inventory options on one click
  • monitoring only selected values ​​without unwanted network traffic
  • ability to monitor up to 1000 network nodes
  • .csv and Elasticsearch logging

Monitoring functions
Cyclical ICMP,  SNMP and SQL queries allow the assessment of the functioning status of the entire network, ability to monitor up to 1000 network nodes
Logging options
Elasticsearch and easy-to-interpret .csv files allow you to track the history of events of monitored devices
One-click inventory of all devices with a presentation in a .pdf or .csv file for easy management  and audit purposes
Maps with graphics
 Maps (layouts) can contain graphics presenting monitored areas, which enables quick location of devices
Charts and alarms
Built-in tools for creating charts and presenting statistics speed up diagnostics and reporting
Kibana data analysis 
Current and archival data automatically exported to Elasticsearch enable advanced analyzes
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